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Article called "Short Courses for Women" from The Techgram, 1943-04-01, discusses several 1 to 10 week courses at VPI to prepare women for work during…

Article called "New Fields for Women" by Mildred T. Tate from The Techgram, 1943-01-15, discusses openings in fields for women during World War II.

Article by Madelyn Rosenberg of the Roanoke Times-World News reporting on the independence of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources from the…

Article by Allison Blake of Roanoke Times reporting on the dissolution of the College of Education and its incorporation into the College of Human…

Article announcing the reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences into the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, as well as other…

Article by Tim Orwig the Roanoke Times-World News reporting Virginia Tech's new sea-grant status, June 6, 1984.

Article by Ian Zack of Roanoke Times reporting on President Paul Torgersen's decision not to rename Lee Hall, February 24, 1998.

Article by Marty Gordon of the News Messenger, regarding anti-racism program introduced by President Torgersen, November 15, 1997.

Article by B.K. Wetherington of the News Messenger regarding protests against the Iranian government holding U.S. citizens hostage, November 14, 1979.

Article by Madelyn Rosenberg of the Roanoke Times-World News, discussing a protest at Virginia Tech against the guilty sentence of Rodney King, and…

Article by Cheryl Downey-Laskowitz of the Roanoke Times-World News, reporting on anti-draft protests on campus, February 21, 1982.

Article by Robby Korth of the Roanoke Times regarding protests over percieved inaction by Virginia Tech administration toward punishing sexual assault…

Article by Mike Gangloff of the Roanoke Times about a march by Virginia Tech students remembering Trayvon Martin, March 28, 2012.

Collegiate Times article by Cody Owens and Kelsey Jo Starr regarding "Occupy" protest at Virginia Tech, October 4, 2011.

Article by Arielle Retting of the Roanoke Times reporting on a student protest against the use of coal to power the Virginia Tech Power Plant,…

Roanoke Times article describing the opening of the Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center and the Holtzman Alumni Center, July 9, 2005.

Article by Henri Gendreau of the Roanoke Times regarding Virginia Tech reinvestigating the association with Professor Claudius Lee and the Klu Klux…

Article from the Roanoke Times-World News with a timeline of President Lavery's time at Virginia Tech and a transcript of his letter of resignation,…

Article from the Collegiate Times describing student protests over a proposed addition to Cowgill Hall, that is aesthetically different from other…

These clippings from "Locomotive Lady" by Robert M. Hyatt, Boston Herald-Tribune, contain a story about Carmen Venegas, VPI's first international…
150th_099. turkey hens 1925.jpg

This newspaper clipping describes the women's basketball team's victory over the "Bashful Basketeers" of Concord State. One of the captions uses the…
150th_097. rural electrification 1924.jpg

This newspaper clipping shows a photograph of electic lines leading to an unidentified farm.
150th_063. Smallpox  1913_1015 Richmond Virginian.jpg

This newspaper article describes several smallpox cases that occurred in Blacksburg in 1913. It is aso noted in the article that everyone at the…

These clippings discuss Virginia Polytechnic Institute's name change to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

This newspaper article discusses funding for V. P. I. that was approved by the Federal Works Administration. The funding was for the construction of…

This newspaper article discusses the opening of a new dormitory at Virginia Tech. This dormitory was named after Lieutenant James Monteith, who was a…

This newspaper article describes the fire that broke out in the old library in 1953. Nothing was destoryed since all library materials had been moved…

This clipping depicts an Anti-Iranian protest that occurred in November of 1979 to show support for the hostages that were being held at the United…

This newspaper article discusses the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approving guidlines that allowed fraternities and soroities to operate on campus.

This newspaper article discusses women being admitted into the Corps of Cadets for the first time in school history.

This newspaper article from The Roanoke Times is the first mention if the Association of Chinese Students. The article discusses the gift of some…

This newspaper clipping shows a photograph of the Virginia Tech Board of Vistors. R. L. McConnell, C. A. Boatwright, H. H. Walton, and Dr. M. P.…

This newspaper clipping shows a photo of the construction of a new Physics building that would house the Argonaut Critical Reactor.
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