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Blacksburg's Bicentennial_ Archaeology in Blacksburg.pdf

Article about archaeological history in Blacksburg, VA.

Magazine article reporting on fire at Architecture Annex the from Virginia Tech Magazine's Spring 1998 issue.

Newspaper article reporting President Hahn's letter announcing the end of compulsory participation in the Corps of Cadets, June 1, 1964.

Newspaper article reporting on the aquisition of urainium for the nuclear reactor at Virginia Tech, July 1, 1956

Newspaper article reporting on Virginia Tech's aquisition of a nuclear reactor simualtor for instruction, Janurary 1, 1956

Newspaper article reporting on legislation to merge Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State Teachers' College at Radford, Feburary 15, 1944.

Article and photograph of the appointment of Dr. Laura Jane Harper as Dean of Home Econcomics for Virginia Tech and Radford University, from theā€¦

AP News article detailing the State Department's attempts to reach out to America's youth.
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