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Keystone letter to H. G. Barnhart discussing his acceptance of their contract and how to be a field manager for them. Keystone also mentions the…

Keystone letter to H. G. Barnhart. They continue to urge Barnhart to agree and sign the contract they've offered him. They also sent a copy of the…

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart where they send him a magazine created by them for their salesmen. It includes some articles, printed pictures of…

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart discussing a possible new order at an academy and new electrotypes being made.

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart. Keystone further explains the rebate rate on one of Barnhart's latest orders, as well as discuss some other orders…

Keystone letter to H. G. Barnhart. Keystone tries to reach a contract agreement with Barnhart.

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart. Barnhart accepted and signed the contract he was offered. Keystone explains how rebates work with pricing and send…

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart, reminding him to respond to the contract they offered. They encourage him to sign it and send it back.

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart about a new collection of stereographs of the Canadian Rockies. Keystone encourages Barnhart to bring the…

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart discussing the negatives of new views, his contract, and a Mr. Wildman who will be visiting Barnhart at his…

Keystone letter to H. G. Barnhart discussing his work for them, and the possible schools he can secure as clients. They encourage him to work full…

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart requesting him to do some work on the new set of views they're making in collaboration with Mr. Bean.

Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart discussing his contracts with certain schools and inform him Mr. Bean will contact him.

Letter from Keystone to H. G. Barnhart. Barnhart is unable to meet their manager in West Virginia, Keystone encourages Barnhart to consider the more…

Keystone sends a letter to Walter Barnhart. The photographer, Mr. Bean, has finished his stereographs and Keystone asks that barnhart names each of…

Keystone letter to H. G. Barnhart (Walter Barnhart's father). They offer him a monthly salary and encourage him to meet with their manager in West…

Keystone sends Walter Barnhart another contract for his General Agent position and they discuss Barnhart's father working full time for Keystone.

Keystone informs Walter Barnhart that the deadline for their salesman competition has been extended.

Keystone writes to Walter Barnhart about the progress of his current sub-agents and his contract with Keystone. They send him a book to read to…

Keystone writes to Walter Barnhart about the new stereograph collections, answers a contrat question, and sends Barnhart competition information.

Keystone writes Barnhart about new stereographs for Rome and they ask Barnhart to show Mr. Dameron how much he can make off of commissions working for…

An account of the comissions for Barnhart's sub-agents.

Keystone wants Walter Barnhart's father to work for them full time. They have a few schools on hold for Barnhart when he goes back to sales, Keystone…

Walter Barnhart returned to college for the fall term, his father is intersted in assisting him in the Keystone Company sales. Keystone wants Barnhart…

Letter from Keystone to Walter Barnhart explaining how the stereographs work and making a clarification about the commissions on a certain order.

Keystone sends Walter Barnhart a list of the schools he's worked with and a list of his sub-agents.

A request to Mr. Bean from Keystone to create stereographs of Randolph-Macon University.

Letter to Barnhart from Keystone. They write about previous correspondence and explain to Barnhart the way his position of being a general agent with…

Letter from Keystone to Barnhart asking him to clear up a shipping error and assign him another sub-agent. Keystone wants to convince Barnhart to…

Letter from Keystone to Barnhart informing him that Mr. Crafton has been signed as his sub-agent. Barnhart also provided Keystone with a high paying…

Letter from Keystone to Walter Barnhart discussing commissions. It also recommends that Barnhart write a letter to Mr. Curd who has not put in an…

Letter from Keystone telling Walter Barnhart about the new list of stereographs and passing along information about Mr. Curd.

Walter Barnhart continues to sell stereographs. Keystone answers some questions about quality and tells Barnhart about new sets that are going to be…

Letter to Walter Barnhart from Keystone encouraging him that getting back into selling can be a little difficult at first. They give him tips on what…

Letter to Walter Barnhart from Keystone telling him their expectation in sales per week and recommendations on what to sell.

Letter to Walter Barnhart about possibly going back to work as a salesman for Keystone.

A Keystone letter to Walter Barnhart where he was sent a book to read.
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