Maude E. Wallace Letter to Sarah Pitts, 1929 (Ms2011-019)

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Maude E. Wallace Letter to Sarah Pitts, 1929 (Ms2011-019)


This letter was written by Maude E. Wallace of Virginia Agricultural Extension Service, Blacksburg, VA, to Sarah Pitts of George Peabody College, Nashville, TN, on 14 August 1929. Ms. Pitts had been hired to work as an Extension agent, but had not yet begun her duties. The letter was written in response to an earlier letter in which Ms. Pitts asked for information about her upcoming position. Among the topics are: the county in which she might be placed, beginning as an assistant agent; salary; requirement to have a car; and probable start date. A further response from Ms. Pitts is written on the back of the second page of the letter in which she follows with several additional inquiries.




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Wallace, Maud E., 1888(?)-1972 and Pitts, Sarah, 1902-1940, “Maude E. Wallace Letter to Sarah Pitts, 1929 (Ms2011-019),” VT Special Collections and University Archives Online, accessed April 14, 2024,