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Photo of Linda Adams, the first African American woman to graduate from Virginia Tech, from the 1968 Bugle

Photo of Johnnie Miles, one of first two black female professors at Virginia Tech

Dr. Mildred Tate, first Dean of Women, talking to female students on first day at VPI, 1955

Ella Agnew and Maude Wallace were home demonstration agents for Virginia Cooperative Extension and Mrs. Mary Moore Davis served as professor of the…

Group photo of the Virginia Tech chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from the 1938 Bugle, picturing Carmen Venegas (first row,…

Portrait of Yvonne Rohran Tung from the 1950 Bugle

Carrie Taylor Sibold's diploma for Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute State Agricultural and Mechanical College,…

From left to right: Mary Ella Carr Brumfield, Ruth Terrett, Lucy Lee Lancaster, Lousie Jacobs, Carrie Taylor Sibold

Postcard advertising CARY's "More Than the Sum of Our Body Parts", shown at the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago from June 16 to July 2, 1993. The purpose of the exhibit was to illustrate the many ways that women architects are discriminated against in the workplace by their male colleagues. The exhibit was comprised of sculptural and multimedia installations, focusing on such topics as the sexual discrimination and harassment of women architects, and the glass ceiling said to be limiting the advance of women in architecture.

Selected pages of Hayden's class lecture notebook, with sketches, from a class at Ohio State University

Montgomery Female College certificate "awarded to Eugenia V. Sullivan for Purity and Correctness in the Use of the English Language"

Program lists the performance exercises of the "Eureka Class", including recitations and recitals, as well as a list of students.

Selected pages from the catalog of the 1875-1876 year of the Montgomery Female College includes lists of trustees and faculty, calendar, commencement…

The fourth and final volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Early women students…

The first volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Early women students at Virginia…
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