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Article called "Short Courses for Women" from The Techgram, 1943-04-01, discusses several 1 to 10 week courses at VPI to prepare women for work during…

Article called "New Fields for Women" by Mildred T. Tate from The Techgram, 1943-01-15, discusses openings in fields for women during World War II.

Photograph of the Duck Pond on VPI campus, undated

Photograph of the Ice Pond used for ice skating and recreation, 1934.
086a. Org Chart.jpg

This organizational chart, entitled "Chart No. 2 Proposed Organization of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute by Function 1920-21", show possible…

This map from 2022 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

This map from 2015 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

This map from 2007 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

This map from 1995 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

This map from 1986 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

Article from the Blacksburg Sentinel, reporting on a fire that destroyed the Kappa Alpha fraternity house on North Main Street in Blacksburg, October…

Cover of the sheet music for "Tech Triumph," the university fight song, by Mattie W. Epes and W. P. Maddux.

Photograph of the Old Library building interior in 1915

Composite of the McBryde Building with photo showing it under construction and drawing of the expected structure.

Article from The Virginia Tech, reporting on the approval of the attendance of women at the school next academic session, January 27, 1921.

Front page masthead of The Virginia Tech, reporting on the new system of "mass athletics" and encouraging its support, as well as the positive record…

Front page of The Virginia Tech, reporting that VPI will be constructing an athletic building, as well as a game between football alumni and the JV…

Front page of the Virginia Tech, reporting on the installation of wireless stations on campus, a speech by the secretary of the YMCA, a performance by…

Front page of the engineering extension diivision newsletter, October 1, 1924.

September 1922 issue of the Bulletin of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute reporting on the educational opportunities for women at VPI, including home…

First page of President Eggleston's final report to the Board of Visitors, reporting changes to the school and his resignation, July 1, 1919.

Photograph of athletes in the interior of the Old Field House.

Photograph of the Old Field House.

Photograph of the McBryde Building under construction, 1915.

Architecural drawings of the old McBryde Building by Carneal and Johnston (Richmond, Va.), an architectural and engineering firm that often worked on…

This photo is of VT alum Kristi Castlin, who became the first female Hokie to medal at the Olympics in 2016. Here she is waving to fans at a VT…

This photograph by Dan Mirolli is of individuals standing in front of the Virginia Tech Women's Center on February 4, 2019

This photograph shows researchers performing a scientific experiment at the Virginia Tech India campus in Chennai, India.

This photograph is of the first graduating class of the Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine in 2014.

This photo by Clayton Metz of VT University Relations is of an experiment in the Virginia Tech Carilion's Center for Human Neuroscience Research, part…

This photo is of the Virginia Tech Carilion campus in Roanoke, Virginia, taken by Megan Zalecki of VT University Relations on September 14, 2020.

This photo depicts an employee of the University Libraries working with a student in the Virtual Environments Studio in 2018.

This photo is of the Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) Transition Team in 2021. That year, the Student Government Association was disbanded and the…

This photo by Torgersen Bridge over the Alumni Mall with the Pylons of the War Memorial Court in the background is by Thomas Miller of VT University…

This undated photo is of Todd Scully, a former VT coach, who was the first Hokie to compete in the Olympics in 1976.

Leticia "Tish" Long is the second female Rector of the VT Board of Visitors in the university's history. This photo of Long is by Christina Franusich…

This photo by Christina Franusich of VT University Relations is of members of the Thrive Living-Learning Community on campus on August 17, 2018.

This undated photo depicts Theatre 101, the first new building to receive LEED certification at the university, when it was completed in 2009.

System X (pronounced ten) is the university's first supercomputer, which was declared the fastest at any university and third fastest in the world in…

This drawing is of the Virginia Tech Principles of Community by Steven White of Virginia Tech University Relations, Janurary 8, 2021.

This photo by Ahmed Mustafa of VT University Relations is of Deborah Petrine receiving from President Tim Sands a resolution of appreciation for her…

Paul Torgersen, president of Virginia Tech, is pictured here on the university campus in Blacksburg. The red steel structure in the background is what…

This undated photo shows the Northern Virginia Center, a joint education center held by Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, in Falls Church.

This undated photo shows a student using the Cube in the Moss Arts Center.

This photo is of the Moss Arts Center by Ray Meese of VT University Relations, May 22, 2020

This photo is of LumenHAUS, a smart house designed and built by students and faculty in the VT colleges of Architecture and Urban Studies and of…

Linsey Marr, a VT engineering professor, became an internationally reknowned expert on the transmission and prevention of infectious diseases during…

This photo by Mike Chirieleison of VT University Relations depicts the groundbreaking of the first building at the Innovation Campus in Alexandria,…

This photo is of Holli Drewry, the first president of the VT A/P Faculty Senate and the first A/P Faculty Representative on the VT Board of Visitors.…
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