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This map from 2007 shows the Virginia Tech's campus, including academic buildings, athletic facilities, dormitories, and support buildings.

Color photograph of Leanora 'Dianne' Davis (great granddaughter of AJD) and her husband John Gallerano at Cape Hatteras.

History of the Cape Hatteras Weather Station (pdf)

These six stones were left at the memorial on the Drillfield, and each is painted with the words "Hope", "Spirit", "Love", "Joy", "Peace", and Hokie…

"Forever in Peace" poem is copyrighted 2007 to Jill Eisnaugle's Poetry Collection and was received from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Front Row (left to right): Sandra Stiner Lowe, Jacob A. Lutz III - Rector, Charles W. Steger - President, John R. Lawson II - Vice Rector, Michele L.…
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