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February 18, 1783, Letter from Walker Daniel, at Col. Floyd's, to a French Merchant concerning commercial conditions on the wester Kentucky Frontier…

November 5, 1857, Letter to Nelson from Shier Wilie in Boston, (Re: 'The Bight' (a house), taxes $175, business transactions, discuss rent and…

July 1, 1858, University of Virginia announcement (Re: Final exercises, best debater, Charles Stringfellow, sent by Bennett Taylor)

Capt. Joseph Hardesty, 1st Regiment Cavalry Muster Roll, Signed: JEB Stuart (Harper's Ferry, Shephardstown enrollments, Berryville, people mustered by…

Muster Roll, Pay Roll, Capt. Hugh M. Nelson, Co. D, First Virginia Cavalry, June 30 to August 31, 1861

February 12, 1862, Letter to Capt. Hugh M. Nelson, Co. D, 6th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, from Camp GW Smith, Special Order No. 40, Recruiting
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