Regional History and the Appalachian South


Regional History and the Appalachian South



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The Montgomery White Sulphur Springs resort register includes the names of the resort's guests, their place of residence and notes on their meals,…

This file is an xslx spreadsheet of the holdings in the Virginia Newspaper Collection. Clicking on the "Ms2012_034_VirginiaNewspaperCollection" link…

The collection includes a broadside advertising a land auction in Floyd County, Virginia, to be held on August 5, 1859. The auction was ordered by the…

This broadside advertises the sale of the Yellow Sulphur Springs resort, taking place on August 14, 1943. The broadside details the property and…

This collection consists of a broadside announcing the impending sale of a home and 98 acres of land in the Forest Magisterial District of Bedford…

Diary of Olivia Tutwiler (later Olivia Tutwiler Hill), a young teacher living in Blacksburg and Childress, Virginia, in 1919. The focus is primarily…

The Yellow Sulphur Springs Hotel Account Book, which might more accurately be described as a guest register, includes the names of guests, their place…

Harriet Eliza Lathrop was born in New York, moved to Tazewell County, Virginia, with her husband, a mining engineer, in 1881 when he was sent to open…

The Sarah Buchanan Preston Land Deed collection consists of a manuscript copy of a land transfer indenture statement for lands in Russell, Tazewell,…

A scrapbook of poetry, newspaper clippings and pressed flowers from the 1860s, likely created by Virginia Bedinger Lucas, younger sister of Daniel…

The Lobdell Car Wheel Company had its beginnings in 1830, when Jonathon Bonney and Charles Bush established a small foundry in Wilmington, Delaware.…

The collection consists of a manuscript map survey of land in Montgomery County, Virginia, belonging to Philadelphia merchant Levi Hollingsworth. The…

This collection contains a letter written by Virginia House of Delegates member William Vinson to his wife and children in Wayne County, (West)…

A list of free Negroes and Mulattoes, compiled by James Barnett, district commissioner of revenue, Montgomery County, Virginia. The list includes…

Jeffrey Thomas Wilson (1843-1929) was a former slave who spent most of his life in and around Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia. He outlived four wives…

"Daybook of general store merchant in Lafayette (Montgomery County), Virginia, containing customer names, goods purchased, and prices paid."
Main St looking west Tazewell.jpg

Postmarked 1906 or 1908[?]
Mountain Scenery Along C & O. RY., Near Lexington, Virginia


Logo: "Bell-Chrome Superior Quality"
C.T.American Art

Photo credit in upper right corner: "McCown-Photo"
Hotel Graham Graham VA.jpg

Postmarked October 1909
Tazewell looking south.jpg

Postmarked Sep 18 1907
Made in Germany
Hotel Roanoke.jpg

Postmarked: September, 1907
Message on reverse:
"Hello Coz
How are you living? I am still existing. Come down, Soon ha ha.
St Andrews Roanoke interior.jpg

Interior view of nave facing altar.
Postmarked: June, 1908.

Message on reverse:
"Hello Ernest,
I shall be glad to go up to see you all Sunday…

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